Monday, June 21, 2010

Has the time really already come and gone?!

I can't believe it! It's early morning 22 June 2010 and I am in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for staging.

Sunday night was ridiculous! I was able to knock out most of my packing Saturday, and just used Sunday for fishing touches. Unfortunately, I ended up going a little over-board, and packed a little too much. It's all good though, I am still with-in the airline limits, which to me, is all that really matters.

This is what I started with--a giant, hot mess of a pile.

From that hot mess of a pile, I then organized everything into groups and bags.

After everything was properly sorted, I then packed the bags, and was done.
I ended up putting my camping bag in this HUGE green duffel, along with my tent, and other random things that didn't really fit nicely anywhere else. 

Staging has been a blast, and I can already tell that I've met some amazing people who will no doubt be a part of my life in some way, shape, or form till the day I die.

Well, I really should be peacing out. We have to be checked out by 7:00am, and I still need to re-arrange some stuff in my bags--go figure. Tomorrow will be a LONG day. We have a three-hour bus ride to NYC so we catch a seven and a half hour flight to Paris, where we will then switch planes for a five and a half hour flight to Burkina. I am SO screwed. It's not like I'm claustrophobic or anything, I just cannot fathom being in the same spot for so long. I do plan on using the time to learn some of my local language, as well as brush up on some French. 

Until next up-date, 

Happy bloggin'!


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