Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Fashion Show in Bukina?!

I was taught it's never good to start a thank-you with an apology, but oh well, here it goes...

I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last post... Things in country got away from me, and I am just now coming across the the time to sit down and SORT OF collect my thoughts...

I'll start with the most overdue information, and work backward from there... The fashion show is going GREAT! I wanted to do one of those Mastercard things where I total everything up like total meters of fabric used for clothes, total of tires used for shoes, total amount of money in CFA and USD, etcetera, but I simply don't have the time to do all that right now... I'll knock it out for the brag sheet at another time.

We have about 28 looks in the show— I say about because three looks are still in the works. Once I have made a decision on if those looks are going to stay or go, I will have the final counts down. The outfits, for the most part, are being made from the fabric woven by the association Kailey works with. To the left, you see one of the looks that will be modeled by Austin--a fellow PCV. (Althea and Naeta have been a God-send with their kick ass drawing abilities. They seriously knocked out all the sketches on pretty much a moments notice to have sent out to tailors, and models. Without their aid and talent, things definitely would not be where they are now.)

When I say “for the most part” I mean that probably 75% of the material for the show came from her association. It's SO cool. I've actually passed more time at her site than my site over the last six weeks. Her women are AWESOME, and I intend on blogging about them at another time. They have really helped us out by giving us a discount, and a payment plan to purchase everything in time for the show. Their fabric is beautiful, and will not only be showcased as clothing, but also in accessory forms, such as scarves, head wraps, and bags.  (Click here to see more of their products and pictures from Kailey's  site.)

 All the shoes for the show are also being made here in Burkina. James works with a guy (Moussa) who makes sandals, flip-flops, and accessories from used tires. It's actually pretty sick— I'm getting my laptop bag at the end of the month. What I really like about James and Moussa's project is that when people order shoes from Moussa's website, he donates a pair of tire shoes to a deserving student in the community. 

My tailors are going to have a few of their bags and accessories in the show, but I have also collaborated with two other associations/ sewing schools to ensure we have enough bags for the show, as well as to sell afterwards. "

I must say, this project is FAR more ambitious than I realized when I started it, but I am rather pleased with how things are progressing. I have also found PCV's who enjoy cinematography, and photography to shoot the show so that we can create a look book, and video once all is said and done. This will be an amazing marketing tool for all the associations we have worked with to help sell them selves to investors and what not.

The countdown has truly started... the show will be at 17h the 23rd of September...