Monday, May 3, 2010

What will my country be?!

AMAZING news guys!

I got a phone call from my Peace Corps placement guy in DC today! I am 99.99987% sure that I will be receiving an invitation to a program that leaves June 22; based on information provided by a wiki built buy current and past Peace Corps Volunteers, I have narrowed down my country to two possibilities.

Words cannot express what I am feeling right now! All I know at the moment is that I will be doing Female Youth Development and  Empowerment (or something along those lines) in my country.I was somewhat apprehensive to accept the invitation, but my placement guy put me at ease about it. He said that it's actually better to have a male in the role of empowering women in societies where males hold the power, because I will be taken more seriously.

I can't wait to hear where I am going so I can spend a day, or three, at the library learning everything there is to learn about my country and program. I also want to start looking into grants I can apply for as well as coming up with program outlines/proposals for my soon to be community! I also plan on spending as much time as possible on French and Arabic, and I guess whatever new language I will have to learn. 

 Well, I am just not able to center my thoughts right now, so I'm going to continue flipping out and post later. I just wanted to fill you all in on the good news!

Take care y'all!

Ebben Wiley

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